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Roya Fahmy

Roya Fahmy


Roya Fahmy is currently working as the Senior Director of the Project for Enhanced Global Understanding at Wyoming Seminary College Preparatory School in Kingston, Pa. The project brings together Israeli and Palestinian teens to incorporate social justice into their lives, gain conflict transformation skills and train as future global leaders. She serves as a social/emotional and diversity counselor for the whole school community.

Diversity Training for Fourth Culture World

We have surpassed the notions of a monolithic, bicultural or
even multicultural world. We have entered the era of the Fourth Culture. Please see our Mission Statement for more details!

Our Services

Small description about our services and their benefits:


we have served individuals and groups in public, private, charter
schools and universities and graduate schools. We keep in mind the
developmental stages of a young person (we are a big fan of Erikson!) as we plan
a program tailored to your needs.



We have worked and served on the boards of multiple non-profits.
We will work within the standards and requirements of your grants and budget.




CCC knows time management is key. We offer lunchtime, afternoon
and ½ day and daily and weekend seminars to accommodate your needs. We also work to engage your employees – we will never present a “power point” focused workshop.











Do you need coaching around coexistence with
others of differing belief systems – political, social and environmental? Roya is a
trained, licensed and insured social worker that can assist you and act as a coach with any communication issues.



Barbara Bobbie Gottschalk, co-founder of Seeds of Peace, Washington DC, New York, Jerusalem

““Roya finished analyzing the statistical analysis of co-existence workshops and
presented it to us. It provides real evidence of effectiveness of the professionally
facilitated workshops that anecdotal data cannot. Roya has an insider’s view of
conflict resolution and human relationships, areas fraught with slippery issues.”

Maureen McGuigan, Deputy Director of Arts & Culture, Lackawanna County, Pa.

“In the spring of 2008, Roya was selected to be on the Council of Arts, Culture and
Education…she has been an asset to the Council because of her thoughtful reflections of community outreach, diversity, and assessment.”

Armand Volkas, MFT, RDT/BCT, Clinical Director, Living Arts Counseling Center Psychotherapist and Director of Healing the Wounds of History, San Francisco, CA

“It immediately became clear that Roya, with her roots in …the many worlds and I
could be colleagues as we are both deeply involved in intercultural conflict
transformation and peacebuilding work. I developed a deep respect for her
leadership and diplomatic values. Roya’s participation in my workshop…she was
among 21 multiple participants who were of Lebanese, Liberian, Turkish, German,
Syrian, Japanese, American cultures.”

Professor/Dr. Randal Pompeu, Director, Global Exchange programs, University of Fortaleza, Fortaleza Brazil

“Roya came to our division from a grant from Temple University, Philadelphia for
“intercambio” intercultural community exchange. She worked with our
university and the surrounding disenfranchised neighborhoods to provide
services. She also taught graduate level courses.”

Jonathan Greenwald, U.S. Foreign Service (ret.); Vice President International Crisis Group

“Roya has directed our on-campus program, meeting regularly with young
Palestinians, Israelis and bringing addition international and American students into the workshops and discussions. She takes an active role in building cooperation with partner schools…she has a warm personality and limitless energy.”

Cross Cultural Communications is essential in today’s world and Roya has extensive experience with virtual trainings, workshops and connecting with people from all over the globe

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